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2nd Week of Easter: Wed Apr 22, 2020

Bible Text: “God so loved the world that He gave his only son so that everyone who believes in Him may not perish but may have eternal life” John 3. 16-21

Jesus, in His conversation with Nicodemus, rest assured him about the tremendous love of God for us. This love Jesus made mentioned is not all about a child being pampered with things of this world or when we get instantly whatever we want. It is more than material things that satisfy or we can enjoy; it is all about giving the life of His only begotten Son for the world. If the love of God is only focused on worldly pleasures, why doesn’t God just give millions of dollars and build mansions for each family instantly so that all people will no longer doubt but believe that Jesus is God and accept everything He had spoken to us. God a powerful God, isn’t He? Instead He had chosen to die on the cross because all the riches of this world are nothing compared to Jesus' death and resurrection. It is indeed God’s perfect act of love for humanity. Life is more valuable than things so giving one’s life is the best expression of love a lover can give to his beloved.

The question that is worth pondering nowadays is “do people really feel the love of God in this time of uncertainties? Where is God now when people are sick, dying, depressed, in distress, and hungry? Does it make sense to tell people that God loves you very much so you need to worry? God’s love is indeed working mysteriously and discretely. As a priest, I can feel that God loves me by believing that his word is the source of my consolation, joy and everlasting life. Isolation gives me the pleasure of time to digest His word which makes me truly believe that He loves me. For the sick and dying, the love of God is an opportunity to be one with Jesus in every suffering. In our community, love of God is shown through our mutual concern for one another to offer prayers and extend assistance especially to vulnerable and helpless people. Movements are limited but the love of God is truly alive when members of the family spend quality time together to pray and have more fun. In my country, although there is a scarcity of goods and basic commodities the love of God is manifested through generous people who are tirelessly sharing their goods to the less fortunate. The world has stopped and the economy had dramatically plunged down but the love of God is truly shining before us because the earth’s atmosphere is clearing which means that the quality of the air we are breathing now is gradually improving.

Jesus once again reminds us but one thing is a need, we have to believe. To have faith is not only an intellectual embrace to the truth revealed by Jesus but to believe is to be intimately one with Jesus in His death and resurrection. Make this situation an opportunity to die with Christ and you will surely have life in this world and its fullness in the kingdom of God.

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