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5th Sunday of Easter: May 10, 2020

I was sitting beside my mom’s deathbed while my elder sister was feeding her one morning. She could hardly open her mouth when she told us a story. I was very tired because I had been from a long journey. So I ask her, where have you been? She replied I visited a house; a huge and magnificent mansion surrounded by a beautiful garden with lush green vegetation and various kinds of lovely flowers. I asked her once again, how do you like the place, she just smiled. It was ridiculous since I presumed she was already in the state of delirium. Her story just popped up as we celebrate Mother’s Day. Jesus, in the gospel, tells us figuratively about His Father’s mansion which was resemblance to the story of my mom. It is a house with many rooms which is not exclusive for Jesus but also for us. We are all most welcome to dwell in that house; in fact Jesus will go before to prepare the place for us. What an interesting news and an exciting place to go.

We are now on the 5th Sunday of Easter. The readings tell us that the splendid palace for you and for me is not the alluring world but the kingdom of God. When Jesus revealed this absolute truth, His disciples could hardly grasp what He is saying. Thomas, one of His apostles, dares to ask Him to make excuse of his unbelief, How can we know the way? It is simple and clear, I am the way, the truth and the life. I am certain that my mom is God’s angel so that she could educate me by the truth of our faith. I have to experience the home of the Father in this world through my family because it is the basic home of the Father on earth. The Second Reading which is taken from the First Letter of Peter describes it as something built into spiritual house where to offer spiritual sacrifices acceptable to God. During our younger years, I found my mom in her room knelling in front a wooden safe. She was praying before the image of Holy Family and Our Lady of Salvation with a piece of paper which contained the birthdays of her children. Out of curiosity I asked her, what are you doing? She replied, tomorrow is the birthday of your brother and I am consecrating him to our Lady and to the Holy family. Prayer perfectly describes the essence of the house of God. This is probably the meaning of the house of God where children are consecrated to God. Now that the churches are closed, it is the most appropriate time to turn our homes into the house of God and parents to be the catechists to their children. Mothers should be reminded to teach and lead them to prayer because this kind of family atmosphere is the best avenue to educate your children about the reality of home of the Father.

Second, charity begins at home. The Acts of the Apostles narrates to us that charity is at the heart of every family. Distribution of daily food and preaching of the word of God are inseparable. My mom had always a heart for vulnerable. There was this deaf and mute fellow who used to sell us some bundles of firewood perhaps twice a week and my mom would not miss feeding before sending him home. She reminded us not to forget the poor so that God will continue to bless us. Mothers should not only remind their children not to waste food but to train them to be generous. It’s mother’s day that’s why I want to recall all the good things she did for us. I know she needs prayer more than bunch of flowers I could offer. Mother’s day is a time to think the best gift you can offer to your children something that will not fade away but a gift that will bring them closer to the home of the Father.

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