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Easter Octave - Friday Apr, 17 2020

Bible Text: “Cast the net to the right side of the boat and you will find some”. John 21.1-14

After everything that had happened to Jesus Christ, of which He has suffered, died, was buried on the third day raised from the dead and the disciples had heard and seen a vision of the risen Lord, Peter had returned to his home town Galilee. He must have been very happy that the Lord had already risen from the dead but he is not too proud about himself being a follower of Jesus. He didn’t deserve to be called an apostle of the Lord because he had transgressed the Lord by betraying Him. He felt unworthy to lead his fellow apostles that is why he retreated to his native province and resume his job as an ordinary fisherman. Never in this wildest dream on that very day, he will once again witness a great miracle that had happened in life during the very first time he encountered the Lord. It was a night when they were exhausted and frustrated because it was a night extreme scarcity of fish. But here is a stranger commanding them to cast out the net and right there miracle took place once again.

Jesus is reminding us once again that miracle could only happen with the cooperation of man to the will of the Father. In the experience of Peter, he was already extremely tired, hopeless and struggling but he submitted to obey the will of God which resulted in unfolding great blessing in his life. Perhaps, people are gradually desperate and weary about the situation. In the midst of uncertainties, many are entertaining the thought that the best recourse in this time is God. Many are anticipating and watching for God to perform a miracle in our midst but we are being reminded that without our humble obedience to His will, it is impossible for a miracle to take place. It is good to ask ourselves once again, do we intently following the will of God in our life? The will of God is something that is tough to follow. Are we persistent and consistent with our personal prayers? How hard it is to pray especially when we feel like not praying. How futile it is to pray when we do not see the fruits of our devotion. Futility and lukewarmness are barriers for us to persevere in our prayer. Nonetheless, we need to pray even if we do not feel like praying, we need to bend our knees once again even if our prayer seemed to be pointless. Just do it and keep going. It is when we pray with a determination that we can certainly attract the miracle to happen.

When this pandemic is over and starts seeing the light once again at the end of the tunnel, although we might not be recognized but be proud of yourself because you have been a faithful servant of the Lord in times of distress and depression. Lift up your heads because through your perseverance God had performed a miracle in the midst of humanity.

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