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Friday, August 21, 2020

Bible text: “You shall love your God with all your heart, and with all your soul and with all your mind and love your neighbour as yourself”. Matthew 22. 34-40

When can we say that we truly love God? Worshiping is the best expression of our love for God. Intimacy is making Him the most important person in our life. I will make it sure that every Sunday I will come to Church to attend mass because it is how I express my love for Him and I will attend mass everyday because I love Him very much in my life. I will obey His commandments especially loving my neighbours unconditionally. Intimate relationship requires a bond that keeps me connected to my God and this is exactly what the sacraments are doing to me.

When can we say that we truly love our neighbours? It is loving others with the love of Christ or loving Christ in other people. So persons we will love are not only those who love us but love the people even who don't love us. This is very ideal and hard to do, but it is what we have to do!

Love based on faith requires a response of love does not hold on to our love for God.

This is for the reason that God's love is not waiting for anything in return, unconditional, no discrimination, love is meant for all... loved even those who are causing pain in our feelings, those who are betrayal in our love.

A very concrete example of this is if somebody whom you love so much is hurting you, betrayed you despite of your love? What would you do? Will you still love that person? If you truly have that love in you, you will certainly love the person because that is how God has loved us. Love is unconditional. If God is with us, we will never give up but be persistent in loving the person till the end.

How do we love?

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