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Friday, August 28, 2020

Bible text: “Keep awake therefore, for you know neither the day nor the hour”.

Matthew 25. 1-13

There is a great difference between the foolish and the wise. The former refers to those who do not fear the Lord and the later refers to those who have fear of the lord for the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. To fear the Lord does not mean that the Lord is threatening or terrorizing the people but the fear of the Lord is man’s decision and devotion to listen to the Lord because the wise believes that God is indeed the source of life while the foolish ignores the Lord because they are not convinced that God has nothing to do with them.

This gospel helps us to focus on the here and now. God is so fair with the ten bridesmaids that they were all told to be prepared to meet the bridegroom because he is coming anytime of the day. Here come the two different dispositions. One has taken it for granted and the other group heeded the call seriously. The message invites us how to live totally in the present moment, to seek and find God there. When people are young and strong, the tendency is to live an easy go lucky life. Relationship with God is not on top priority. Spiritual life is for people who are retired and do have a lot of things to do. However, spiritual life is for everybody whatever stage of life we are into. We have to constantly live the will of God here and now. We have to be constant and devoted. The will of God is not depriving us of happiness in life but leading us to the authentic happiness in this world. If we can do that, then all the rest will take care of itself. Whether the Groom arrives early or late, it will not matter as he has been constantly part of my everyday life. We have to renew our commitment to God and to building and growing our relationship with God through regular prayer and reflection.

This parable can be misinterpreted by focusing on what seems like "selfishness" in the prepared bridesmaids. The message of this parable is that we are responsible for what we are doing and therefore not to blame other people for ones faults and failures. In this world, we have friends and families around to remind us about the things that we are supposed to do. The church is always open to guide us the best as she can and when you do good, the credit will be yours but if you violate, of course, you will suffer the consequence and not your friends and family who will receive the penalty. It is likewise in heaven, we will be personally answerable to the kind of life we have lived in this world. Heaven and hell is not only a prize and punishment but a choice that we have to decisively make or break in our earthly life.

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