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Friday, July 31, 2020

Bible Text: “Prophets are not without honour except in their own country and in their own house”. Matthew 13. 54-58

Familiarity breeds contempt. This is how we can best describe the reaction of the town folks of Jesus Christ when they saw Him preaching before them in the synagogue in one of His visits to His hometown. They knew who Jesus Christ, his parents and his siblings. They were very familiar to what kind of family background he descended. They knew very well that He is a mere son of a carpenter so that they were wondering where he got all these wisdom that He had spoken and the deeds of power He was doing. They were spellbound by Jesus’ words and deed but their hearts resisted the words of Jesus. It is quite natural phenomenon that the more you know about someone, the more you start to find faults and dislikes in it. It’s a kind of pride deep inside the heart of man.

Personally, every time I read the bible, I totally allow the word of God to speak to me. For me the word of God is absolute which means that it is always right and true. There are lines and passages in the bible which we may find them difficult to understand but I would not certainly go against it. When Jesus Christ speaks, it is always right and true. If I do not understand them, I would always pray to God that He may enlighten me to understand and accept His words. As a priest, my task is to protect and promote the word of God no matter how difficult it is. According to Jean Paul Sarte, a famous existentialist states that existence precedes essence. It is in loving that one begins to understand. This is the principle that I normally employ with regard the word of God. I love the word of God first even when you do not understand, then I gradually understand the profound meaning of His words.

Today we are celebrating the memorial of Saint Ignatius who championed the Ignatian Spiritual Exercises. It is contemplating using our five senses so that we can truly live the word of God. Let us listen carefully and we will definitely learn words of wisdom. It takes humility to do it but Jesus assures it is indeed a disposition that attracts the miracles of God to work in us.

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