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Friday, June 5, 2020

Bible Text: “The large crowd was listening to Him with delight” Mark 12. 35-37

Jesus is becoming popular in Jerusalem and the neighbouring towns and villages day by day because of the miracles He was performing and at the same time the manner He is proclaiming God in their midst. Most of them have unanimous remark, He is teaching with authority that is why in the gospel for today the crowd was described as listening to Him with delight.

This is also the same attitude that we have to develop every time we read, listen or proclaim the word of God, we have to be passionate, enjoy and be captivated by the word of God. Why do we have t experience this spiritual pleasure in the word of God? First the word of God is a plain truth. Every time we encounter the word of God, we discover the absolute truth that God is the creator of all things. Our dear life is a precious gift from the Lord and we are the most special creature of God. We realize that we are not only in this world to eat, drink and be merry everyday for tomorrow we will die but our life has a noble purpose designed by God. We have to be good stewards of the blessings that God has given to us by worshipping God and loving our neighbours. The word of God is the WAY of life. Our life is a journey from world to eternity. The word of God is the way that connects our world to eternity. Without the word of God we will certainly be lost. Without the word of God our life will be in total vain. We have to follow exactly what the Lord is telling us whatever it takes because it is the sure path to eternity. Finally, the word of God is LIFE. Every time we become obedient to word of God we find inner peace, joy and fulfilment. The life that it is giving us is something that is lasting. This is the life that we desire here on earth. We will surely find life when we live like Christ in love, humility and simplicity.

Let us be like Saint Boniface whose feast we are celebrating today. He gave everything about His life as martyr because He firmly believe that he found the truth and that giving up his life is the way that will lead him to eternal life.

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