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Friday, May 8, 2020

Bible Text: “Do not let your hearts be troubled, believe in God and believe also in me”

John 14. 1-6

Everything at this point in time is very precarious. The world’s economy is crashing down; ordinary labourers are losing their jobs; it will still take more time until the vaccine for covid 19 will be out and health experts are giving us some cautions about the possibility of second wave of this pandemic. In other words we do have any control of our situation neither today nor in the near future. By and large, we are anxious about the aftermath and we do pray that this recession will not lead us to depression. The gospel that we have proclaimed is very significant in our situation nowadays, “do not be afraid; trust in God and in me”. It tells us that in the midst of uncertainties and storm in life, we can still experience serenity and tranquility if our soul is solidly anchored in the Lord.

There are at least three important reasons why we have to place our total trust in the Lord. The Holy Scriptures is very clear about that God is faithful, good and powerful. However, trust is not only a notion but a Christian lifestyle. First, God’s faithfulness has been tested by so many generations especially in the experience of the people He has called to follow Him. What He promised, He fulfilled. His faithfulness prevailed not in good times but in most difficult times. If we want to experience God’s faithfulness, we have to hopeful for His promise. It is not idleness or an act of passivity but activity. An optimistic person will always do the will of God in his life and do his very best because by doing so God will do the rest. Second, if we believe that God is good, we have to manifest nothingness. Nothingness is act of recognizing that everything we have is God’s blessing to us. This time is not only a moment to ask for more from the Lord but also a moment to count on His blessings. I am nothing and God is everything. When we believe that God is the source of all good things, we should not be afraid to lose because we know we have a Father who is always looking after us and He will never go us empty. Third, if we believe that God is powerful, we have to practice humility. The world’s understanding of power is far cry from God’s concept of power. It is not manipulation and destruction; God’s power is compassion and creation. His power is concentrated on giving us life. Perhaps, some of us have the impression that this pandemic is destroying humanity and an opportunity for Satan to manipulate people by taking advantage against one another. However, in the eyes of faith, we see that this is a time for revitalizing and gaining new life. The power of God is giving life out of death and creating a brand new one out of the old one.

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