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Friday, September 11, 2020

Bible Text: “Can a blind person guide a blind person? Will not both fall into a pit?”

Luke 6. 39-42

What does the illustration of a blind guide and a bad eye say to us? A bad eye left untreated and a blind guide can only lead to one thing -- disaster!

We can only teach others what we have been taught ourselves. And how can we help others overcome their faults if we are blinded by our own faults? A disciple is one who listens to the voice of the Master and who overcomes his faults through the skillful help of the Divine Physician. If we are to be guides and teachers for others, then we must have clear vision for where we are going and a map that shows the way.

Our destination is heaven. Then there is only one way and that way is the cross of Jesus Christ. In the cross of Christ sin is pardoned and the sinner is made whole, darkness and corruption give way to light and truth, death is defeated and new life restored. The cross of Christ frees us from condemnation and guilt and shows us the way of perfect love.

This is precisely the purpose of a parish community. As a priest, I should not impose my own direction but I should always be guided by the Holy Spirit so that I can lead you to the right path that brings you to the ultimate destiny. Members of the community are guide to the priest and to one another by your daily experience in your joys and struggles. For as long as we are all enlightened by the Holy Spirit nobody will surely fall into the pit of destruction but we will definitely find us all in the home of the Father. We are all companions to one another in our journey from earth to eternity.

Jesus states a heavenly principle we can stake our lives on: what you give to others (and how you treat others) will return to you. The Lord knows our faults and he sees all, even the imperfections and sins of the heart which we cannot recognize in ourselves. Like a gentle father and a skillful doctor he patiently draws us to his seat of mercy and removes the cancer of sin which inhabits our hearts. Do you trust in God's mercy and grace? Ask the Lord to flood your heart with his loving-kindness and mercy that you may only have room for charity and forbearance towards your neighbour.

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