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Friday, September 18, 2020

Bible Text: “Some women also followed Jesus and provided them out of their own resources”. Luke 8.1-3

During the time of Jesus, women are considered second class citizens so they do not have opportunities to work in essential functions of the society but never for Jesus. Everybody has a great role to play in the kingdom of God. Here women were specially mentioned such as Mary Magdalene, Joanna, the wife of Herod’s steward and Suzanna.

They were not following Jesus for curiosity sake that perhaps they just wanted to see more miracles that will be performed by Jesus. They are behind Jesus because they wanted to share their own gifts for the spreading of the kingdom of God. What the Apostles can no longer do, these women would gladly do. It’s more than doing manual work to feed the apostles but they shared their material resources for the mission of Christ and His apostles. There is no overlapping of functions among the followers of Jesus. Everybody has something to share and perform in the kingdom of God.

Nowadays, it is a typical observation that men are actually outnumbered by women in the Church. The foreseen reason is that Christianity is presenting itself a religion of the powerless. Jesus said, blessed are the meek and humble. Saint Paul realized, it is in my powerlessness that I become strong. Friedrich Nietzsche wrote in his characteristically abrasive way that women need “a religion of weakness that glorifies being weak, loving, and … humble as divine.” Being weak is not a weakness at all but a grace because it can easily attract the power of God. This is the best lesson that we can learn from today’s gospel. We have to realize that we are indeed weak so we definitely need God in our life. It is in needing God that we can certainly earn life in eternity.

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