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Friday, September 4, 2020

Bible text: “John’s disciples like the disciples of the Pharisees frequently fast and pray but your disciples eat and drink”. Luke 5. 33-39

Can we recognize the cleanliness of the human heart in our visible external spirituality? Piety, praying, fasting? These activities can be hypocrites.

What outright acts don't fully introduce the true content of the human will.

In the gospel the Scribes and Pharisees asked the Lord, why his disciples were not fasting like the disciples of John the Baptist. Jesus has a simple answer; they don't fast because I'm still with them. Bridesmaids don't fast while they are still with the bride.

Fasting is highly recommended by the Church because it cleanses and purifies our body and spirit. In our spiritual understanding, fasting cleanses our heart and soul... because fasting is a sacrifice. Fasting leads to our renewal and revival.

If we only follow our traditions but nothing changes in our hearts, our lives never transform, everything is nothing. Mercy, compassion and forgiveness must be fruits of fasting. And most of all, fasting should bring us intimately to Jesus Christ.

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