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Sunday, December 20, 2020

Better politics is also one that protects work as an “essential dimension of social life”. The best strategy against poverty, the Pontiff explains, does not simply aim to contain or render indigents inoffensive, but to promote them in the perspective of solidarity and subsidiary. The task of politics, moreover, is to find a solution to all that attacks fundamental human rights, such as social exclusion; the marketing of organs, tissues, weapons and drugs; sexual exploitation; slave labour; terrorism and organized crime. The Pope makes an emphatic appeal to definitively eliminate hunger, which is “criminal” because food is “an inalienable right”. The politics we need is centred on human dignity and not subjected to finance because “the marketplace, by itself, cannot resolve every problem”: the “havoc” wreaked by financial speculation has demonstrated this. Hence, popular movements have taken on particular relevance: as true “torrents of moral energy”, they must be engaged in society with greater coordination. In this way – the Pope states – it will be possible to go beyond a Policy “with” and “of” the poor.

The First reading which is taken from the Second Book of Samuel tells us what quality of leadership is all about. David noticed that he enjoyed the best and safe accommodation in the camp while the Ark of God only stays in a tent. “See now, I am living in the house of cedar but the ark of God stays in the tent”. A house of cedar is made of world class wood that naturally resists damage from insects, moisture and temperature extremes. It is cozy and aromatic. The tent is an ordinary place for common Israelite. It is not a well protected place to stay. He is a leader who wanted to go down the grassroots and bring God to the pedestal. He wished that God be at the centre of the community. He wanted to bring the people closer to Yahweh. People’s intimacy with Yahweh will surely bring flooding of moral energy. It is all about a culture not so much focused on material things but focused on relationship with God and neighbour.

Every time we celebrate Christmas, it seems that we are very focused on material pleasures. Material gifts and Boxing Day are the word of mouth for most of us. Many times after unwrapping our gifts, I noticed that I already have them. Boxing Day is dictating us of our needs and wants. However, this is it will be different this year. Shopping is not highly encouraged to avoid crowding. This time of pandemic is inviting us to revolutionize this season. It should not be focused on commercialism but focused on the poor. Money is not always what can satisfy this Christmas but our relationship with God does.

When we have this kind of mental setup, politics will surely shift its course. We will no longer look for leaders who will only focus on financial stability but also the moral and spiritual conversion of the people.

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