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Sunday, February 14, 2021


There was a happy crow flying wherever it wants to go. Then one day, it comes across a dove. The crow thinks to himself, ‘that dove is so shiny and with flawless feathers, whereas I’m all dark and dull! So, it must be the happiest bird in the world.’ The dove then explains that he was the happiest bird in the world until he met a robin with awesome red chest. I wish I had something like that rather than my plain white chest.’ So the crow flies to meet the robin and says that there is no way that the robin can’t be the happiest bird in the world right now. The robin lets off a sigh and says ‘well, my red chest is pretty cool but have you ever seen a peacock? Its massive feathers look like they have eyes. There is no way that peacocks aren’t the happiest birds in the world with those incredible feathers.’ So the crow flies to see the peacock and people are taking pictures of its majestic feathers. When the crowds disperse, the crow finally gets to speak to the peacock. ‘I’ve never seen feathers like yours. You have to be the happiest bird in the world with those beauties.’ The peacock lets out a sigh and says ‘well, my feathers are cool I must admit that. But I’m kept here in a cage and people take pictures of me when I’m sleeping and just trying to chill. Sometimes, I wish I was a crow and think about how amazing it would be to be able to fly freely without anyone bothering me.’ Compare and you will be in despair!

This 6th Sunday in Ordinary Time the theme is learning to love yourself is the way to happiness. We have to accept who we are. The first reading tells us about the proper conduct of a leper. He has to observe proper dress code and cry out “unclean” so that a leper can be easily recognized that he is infected with such decease. Nobody is perfect; everybody has his own defects to face. The key to happiness is not so much the perfections that we have but it is when we accept who we are.

We have to practice self compassion. The second reading tells us “to give no offence to others but be imitators of me as I am of Christ. Many times, when people are sick and have imperfections, they tend to isolate themselves from the rest of the community; they curse God and others; they became melancholic; find life worthless and wish death and could hardly smile. They became disgrace to others. Having self compassion is to embrace inadequacies which can bring new perspective in life. We have to be thankful to God for everything we have and deficiencies to improve. Keep smiling, mingle with other people. Be not desperation but an inspiration to other. Be a wounded healer.

We have to bring ourselves closer to God. The leper in the gospel went to see the right and the best person in life who is Jesus. When you have physical, emotional and spiritual illness, do not isolate but expose yourself to Jesus. He can make our life beautiful once again. He can make us shine once again. He can give us new life once more. This valentine’s day, it is reminding us once again that to love others stronger, we have to love ourselves healthier.

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