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Sunday, February 7, 2021


A poor young waiter was very excited to see the rich costumer dining the restaurant. He offered him the best hospitality and menu thinking that if he could meet the rich man’s expectations, he will get a high tip. Unfortunately, the man just ordered sandwich and lemonade- small order means small tip which the waiter walked away disappointedly. Upon check out, the rich man noticed that there was sadness in his face. He asked him, is everything okay? Life is tough, sir, replied the waiter while working his best not thinking of anything. When he returned to clean up the table, he found a whooping tip of $10,000.00. He ran to catch the rich man, why did you do this to me? The man replied, when I was at your age, I had very hard times working in restaurant when a rich man once gave me a great tip like this that paid for my college tuition fee. I hope this money would help you as it helped me. The young man was speechless and in tears, thank you sir, you just paid for my mother’s cancer treatment. If you are in the position to help others, do it; sow the seed of generosity and compassion.

Let us reflect on the essence of generosity this 5th Ordinary Sunday. It is welcoming pains and trials in life. The Book of Job laments “Like a slave who longs for a shadow, like a labourer who looks for his wage, my months are allotted with emptiness and nights of misery are apportioned to me”. Everyone has its own sacrifices to take and trials to face. If we have faith, we are not alone in our struggles. St. Louise de Montfort assures us, God is the spring of water which flows unceasingly into the hearts of those who pray. We know that to call on God is best in times of helplessness. He has indeed a heart for those who are groping in the midst of difficulties. He understands us and has the power to ease our burden. When God is with us, suffering has meaning in life.

It is sharing God’s blessings joyfully. Saint Paul’s first letter to the Corinthians said, “I proclaim the gospel so that I may share its blessing”. Do not only ask Him to improve your life but also beg him to make you like him who is perfect in charity. We will not give unless we feel exactly poor’s ordeal. To be generous, it is not enough to give those in need but generous persons are who feel exactly what they are going through. Be a blessing to others as you are blessed by God.

Be generous to everyone everywhere every day. This is the life of Jesus as mentioned in the gospel. He cured Simon’s mother in law; exorcized those who were possessed by the devil; he had travelled into the outskirts of Galilee to proclaim the word of God and yet he still has the pleasure of time to pray. Always look for an opportunity to be generous. When we face our creator hereafter, we will be asked with the very basic question, did I fill the world with love my whole life through.

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