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Sunday, November 29, 2020


Pandemic developed in us an attitude of vigilance. It can strike us anytime from anywhere so we have to be familiar what it is all about. We have to get news update regularly since directives can change anytime. We have to be conscious how to wear face mask properly, sanitize our hands and observe physical and social distancing especially in public spaces. We have to be aware of the symptoms and whether our own bodies are manifesting them. Keeping guard with all necessary information and how to strictly observe them will certainly prevent transmission and save lives until this deadly virus is over.

We are now on the 1st Sunday of Advent. It is a season of waiting and preparing for the coming the Jesus especially His birth or incarnation. Our theme for today is the virtue of vigilance which means a watchful and careful attentive to discover and avoid danger and to provide for safety. First, vigilance helps us understand our recent situation. The first reading which is taken from the Boo k of the Prophet Isaiah said “You are our Father, we are the clay and you are our potter; we are all the work of your hands. We have to understand our situation not from our standpoint but from the God’s perspective. We are all created by God and He has the purpose of everything that is happening to us. We should not only focus on this pandemic as a contagious disease but we also have to discern to where God is leading us. To understand our situation is to watch and pray. Knowing all the protocols and directives are not enough but this situation also invites to grow in our relationship with God and with our neighbours.

Second, vigilance challenges us to be properly equipped how response to pressing situation. The second reading which is taken from the First Letter of Paul to the Corinthians said I give thanks to God always in Jesus Christ for we have been enriched in speech and knowledge of every kind. It is definitely important to guard what we allow to reside in our hearts and minds because they guide and direct everything we do. It is not enough to know all the protocols and directives; the number of new cases and share them with one another but we also have to tell people God how God has loved us this difficult moment. Let us also tell the world of His love. We might be very preoccupied about keeping informed and spreading information but don’t miss telling people...GOD LOVES ME...GOD LOVES YOU!

Third, vigilance is executing properly the response to pressing situation. The gospel tells us about the master assigning his servants with particular task to perform just like the doorkeeper to be on watch anytime of the day. This pandemic should not stop us from doing something good for our church and for our community. We have to focus our attention to Jesus and do something even in troubled waters. We have ladies bible study, live streaming of mass will be on its way. Our church decorators are doing their very best to make this house of worship so beautiful. The parish councils are assuring our place a safe place for everyone. We are also planning on line bible study via zoom meeting. And you at this time, what can you do for our parish and our community?

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