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Thursday, August 27, 2020

Bible text: “Keep awake, for you do not know on what day your Lord is coming”. Matthew 24.42-51

Life is uncertain, death is the only certain. Jesus said in the gospel keep awake for you do not know on what day the Lord is coming. I was laughing at myself while reflecting on the gospel. Everybody knows that I am very regular with my work out every morning. It seems that my day is incomplete if I was unable to run. I run because I want to be in good shape. I observe proper diet because I wanted to live longer but I have to be reminded that even wellness conscious people can die anytime. There are people who are abusing their body but they live longer. It is a fact. It is real. Living a healthy lifestyle is not at all a guarantee that we will live longer in this world.

Life is a gift from God. Jesus compares us to a faithful servant in the gospel that we have to do properly what the master told us to accomplish. We have to treasure of life. It is a precious gift from God. We should not be like the wicked steward who acts selfishly by squandering the money allotted for the servants. We have to take good care of our life because it is a gift from God. The way we nourish our life is the measure we love the giver of life who is God. People will say, if you live healthy, you will die and if you don’t, you will also die. So Father, what’s the use of a healthy habit? Love your life the best as you could because it is sacred. The glory of God is man fully alive. It is by nourishing well my life that I glorify the Lord. Remember that our body is the temple of the Holy Spirit.

We have to prepare. Life is not only meant for us but for others. We should not be like the steward who believes that his master will be delayed. To prepare is not tomorrow but here and now. Always live the present moment. Put love in everything you do. Make people happy around you and be sincere gift yourself to others. Do not forget to thank the Lord everyday for you have a lot of blessings to be grateful rather than needs to be asked for.

Death is not something to be scared of but to be inspired of. An extract from the gospel states, death is coming like a thief in the night. Death is definite but not the end of life. It is beginning of endless life. It is not to make us lonesome because of the darkness of the grave but winsome because we will be in the presence of the Father God where death has no more power over us.

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