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Thursday,December 17, 2020



This chapter is mainly focused on the attitude of the Good Samaritan. Too many shadows, however, the Encyclical responds with a luminous example, a herald of hope: the Good Samaritan. He is “A stranger on the road”. The Pope emphasizes that, in an unhealthy society that turns its back on suffering and that is “illiterate” in caring for the frail and vulnerable, we are all called just like the Good Samaritan – to become neighbours to others, overcoming prejudices, personal interests, historic and cultural barriers. We all, in fact, are co-responsible in creating a society that is able to include, integrate and lift up those who have fallen or are suffering. Authentic Love builds bridges and we were made to love unconditionally, the Pope adds, particularly exhorting Christians to recognize Christ in the face of every excluded person.

The gospel that we have for tonight speaks to us about the genealogy or ancestry of Jesus. He undeniably came from the roots of different persons with different attitudes. Some are unfaithful and there were also who remained faithful to God. Unfaithfulness teaches us that we are just humans prone to weaknesses but there is always room for change to be better and faithfulness is always considered a gift from the Lord. Jesus is part of a big family. When Jesus came into the world, He extended concept of family boundaries not only by mere consanguinity but by the blood of the Son of God.

We are all children of God. Our parish is a part of the bigger family of God. We are part of the global family. Children of God as Pope Francis stressed out are made to love unconditionally and to build bridges. I am very proud of our parish that we have the different organizations that are making these challenges possible in the best of our ability. We have the Knights of Columbus, Catholic Women’s League and the Social Justice and Pastoral Group that are always finding opportunities to imitate the Good Samaritan in answering the cry of the poor. They are searching for people who will not help us but to whom we can extend our helping hand regardless of who they are. Please accept my utmost appreciation for these groups. Remember that Jesus Christ came into the world not only to save the Israelites but precisely for the whole humanity. He is God of entire the human race. He wanted to fill the kingdom of God with children of God.

We are brothers and sisters that is why we are being called to be like the Good Samaritan. We have to be catalysts of our community. If some are reluctant to help, may they be challenge for us to give more. Let us be joyful giver for there is always joy in giving. This is one lesson that we can from Jesus Christ this Christmas Season, Christmas season is not only a time for receiving but a time for giving. Pray that Jesus will make us more generous this yuletide season.

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