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Thursday, May 21, 2020

Bible Text: ”They said, “What does He mean by this “a little while”? We do not know what He is talking about” John 16. 16-20

It’s been exactly 9 weeks since we have this bizarre situation that we were locked into. No public celebrations of masses, people are strictly advised to stay home; no social gathering; visitation for people especially in the long term facilities are prohibited. In other words, we are being disconnected to one another. This odd situation which we experienced the very first time in our life brought us some lingering questions that perhaps most of them remained unanswered even at this point in time. Questions such as, how did this pandemic happen? When will scientists perfectly discover vaccine and cure for this invisible and invisible enemy that spread rapidly from nowhere? When can my family members be allowed to visit? When will Father Melchor come to us to celebrate mass? They are questions of uncertainties and fear. Apparently, nobody can give us satisfying answers to our confusion.

In the gospel, the disciples were also in the same state of anxiety and uncertainty when Jesus Christ started to tell them about His destiny that He is going to the Father. They asked among themselves, what is he talking about? Where is He going? Going to the wrong person will only cause us more confusion. This is precisely what happened to the disciples. Nobody in the group has the clue regarding what their master is revealing to them. Jesus seemed to tell His disciples to ask Him because He has the accurate answer of their complications. Jesus has the power to enlighten them so that his disciples will not only grasp the ultimate truth that He speaking but will also desire to go where His master is processing.

Pope Francis is encouraging us to bring our fears and worries to Lord. He tells us never get tired of asking the Lord with difficult questions. To ask the Lord is to put ourselves into the atmosphere of prayer. Tell Jesus, Lord I am confused of what’s happening around me. I am worried, I am lonely. I beg you to please enlighten me. Give me peace. Fill my heart with your peace because I truly believe that you alone has the right answer, you alone is the source of healing and life. Rest assured that you are never forgotten by the Lord that is why I decided to celebrate this mass via live streaming. Rest assure that you are always in my prayers. Just have patience and everything will be back to normal in due time. For the meantime, remain steadfast in your faith. Keep praying.

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