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Thursday, May 7, 2020

Bible Text: “I know whom I have chosen” John 13. 16-20

The gospel tells us about the Last Supper of Jesus Christ with His disciples. Everyone may wonder the sudden change in the chronological order in the ministry of Jesus. The gospels should have been about the resurrection but suddenly popping up the story of the Last Supper. Jesus was saying I know whom I have chosen. The very purpose the gospel is backtracking. The past has an essential bearing to what is happening recently and in the future. In other words, He is not only recalling what He had said but He is saying it once again here and now that He really knew the people whom He has chosen. He knew His apostles very well whom He started loving in the past until this present moment. His apostles are not perfect but He was very proud of them. There was even a certain point in His life wherein He was abandoned by almost everybody but after the resurrection of Jesus they were coming so differently. Before, they were coward and unfaithful but now they are showing great confidence and courage to preach the gospel. Love and forgiveness have transformed them into classic followers of Christ.

God loves us so much that He gave His only Son into the world that whoever believes in Him might not perish but have eternal life. He loves us unconditionally even when we have sinned and disregarded Him in our life. This time of pandemic can be considered as a form of persecution. Perhaps many already doubt the existence of God. If God is real, why did allow this thing to happen? Until when shall we wait to see that the power of God is indeed intervening? This time can be very discouraging. Nevertheless, He knew us very well. Our weaknesses and limitations did not weaken His love for us. He loves us more intensely especially when we live distantly from Him. This is the time to refresh us with the absolute truth that God loves us so much and we have to keep pondering it. The love of God must keep our faith alive. Let us live honourably as children of God. Be like the disciples by being fervent in their work to spread the good news of Jesus Christ. When many are discouraged, let us source of encouragement. When people could no longer see the value of prayer, let us continue our devotion. When people had lost interest reading the bible, persevere about it. Let us show to the world that we are truly the children of God.ble text

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