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Thursday, September 17, 2020

Bible Text: “Your faith has saved you, go in peace”. Luke 7.36-50

Every meal that Jesus shared says something to us about Christian community. At this meal, the one who would normally have been prevented at the door became the principal guest. It was a meal of giving something precious of oneself. Her tears were external signs of her real self. Jesus gives from his overflowing heart — forgiveness and healing. She left the party better than she came in.

At Mass all are welcome. The table of the Eucharist would be a circular table, with nobody at the top. We give the gifts of the heart at Mass. The love of our lives is poured into the Mass as the love of God is poured out and so we too leave Mass better than we came in.

A bright light came into that room when the woman arrived. She brought humility – she knew her place – and warmly welcomed by Jesus. The Eucharist is where we are all equal in dignity as children of God. She gave of herself, from the heart and God saw that and said things about her that have lasted forever, May he say of each of us – he loved much, she loved much.

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