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Thursday, September 24, 2020

Bible Text: “Herod said, John I beheaded; but who is this about I heard such things?” Luke 9. 7-9

At that time Herod, Galilee's tetrarch wanted to hear and see all that Jesus is doing. His mind is disrupted; because someone says John the Baptist was revived. Elijah was saying something, and someone was saying that the prophets were revived before. So Herod said, ′′ I beheaded John, but who have I heard of this? I hear so much about him." And he worked hard to see Jesus.

A person with a big sin cannot sleep and became extremely restless. His will is always disturbing him. When there is a situation that reminds him of what he did it is like a ghost that never stops haunting him. That is Herod’s big accountability before God because He was the one behind the killing of John the Baptist, a good man and a prophet sent by God. This is a ghost and will keep chasing after him. He is afraid that John the Baptist kept Jesus alive to hold him liable for the crime that he had committed.

We cannot escape from our sins. It's our responsibility until afterlife if we are good at escaping. Better deal with it as soon as possible.

Lord, I just don't ignore my mortal sins and shortcomings in my life that caused the suffering and destruction of others. Help me reform them and take responsibility of offenses I have done.

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