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2nd Week of Easter: Tues April 21, 2020

Bible Text: ”You must be born from above” John 3. 7-15

The gospel that we have proclaimed today is the continuation of the conversation between Jesus and Nicodemus. Nicodemus is very interested in Jesus because he truly believed that Jesus is not an ordinary man but He is indeed from God. The critical question that Nicodemus asked is the very question Rich young man inquired who came rushing to Jesus which is the most fundamental question of human existence. What shall I do to possess eternal life? The answer of Jesus is very simple, “you must be born again” as translated by other bible societies. This phrase is often used by other denominations to justify their claim that is their religion is in fact founded by Jesus Christ. Apparently Jesus is not intending to found a new religion here but He is just stating an ontological change that must happen in one person if he wanted to find new life in Christ. It is not a religion, it is more than attitude, it is the change o heart.

Recently, the survey unfolded that more Canadians are turning to faith for comfort and support in times of crisis, frustration and trial. We believe that God is the Supreme Being who has control over the situation of the world. He is the source of hope and consolation in times of man’s desperation. He is the source of life and happiness so to speak. In this time, everybody is searching for the meaning of life; everybody is entertaining the ultimate question as Nicodemus had once asked, where can I really find life and what will really make me happy? Jesus’ answer is crystal clear; you must be born from above. It means that the world cannot indeed give us the fulfillment that we are looking for, it is only the one from above who can grant us life. We have to believe in the one who has been crucified and raised as Jesus replied to Nicodemus. Listen to Him not only during the most crucial times in our life but constantly and intently at all times. We have to laser focus on the very person of Jesus.

Are you not aware that the more we open our bible, the more we pray, something is transforming deep in our hearts? Don’t you know that that the more we believe in Jesus, the more we give more time to our family; the more we become open for generosity; the more we see the needs of others more than we do for us; the more we see that things in this world are just passing and God is the source of things that will last forever. This is the new life that is gradually germinating in the deepest recesses of our being. It started not from our attitude, it springs up from within. It is a dictate from the inside. It is the voice of the heart telling us to do so. It is a new life from above because we do not have the power to change our hearts. Let this situation be an opportunity to begin living a new life and once you ignite it, hold on to it, cherish it and ponder on it because it is the most important treasure that a man can possess. Don’t dare to give old life to interrupt once again the new life you have started to build on.

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