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Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Bible Text: “For whoever does the will of my Father in heaven is my brother, sister and mother”. Matthew 12. 46, 48-50

The legal and biological definition of a family is the persons related to one another by blood or marriage. These include parents, children, grandparents, aunts, uncles and so on and so forth. We have no choice to what kind of family we would like to belong but we were destined to a certain family to some extent.

Jesus is revolutionizing this conventional meaning of what a family is. He claims that the members of His family are the ones who do the will of His heavenly Father. It seems that Jesus is telling that the family that He wished to establish is both a gift and a choice.

First, to belong to God’s family is a gift. Human has no capacity to create his own life. He is just mere creature. That is why our life is a gift from Almighty God. We have life in us because God has freely willed to give us our dear life. He is indeed a Father to us because He continuously feed us with His body and blood. His being a father is indeed a gift to us that He made us His own sons and daughters.

Becoming members of this family that Jesus would like to establish is a choice. The only way for us to become our Father’s children is to choose Him to be our Father. Choice is not a lip service but a way of life. Children are the ones doing the will of the Father. Doing His will is not allowing the Father to manipulate us but it is the only way so that the life of the Father will continue to flow in us.

Let us therefore ask our Blessed Mother who had become the very first real daughter of the Father by expressing her Fiat to Him that through her the incarnation of Jesus Christ was accomplished.

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