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Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Bible Text: “The weeds are collected and will be burned while the righteous will shine like the sun in the kingdom of their Father”. Matthew 13.36-43

Jesus Christ had explicitly declared man’s destiny. It tells us about the eschatological truth of human existence. It is heaven and hell. Heaven is the man’s homecoming to paradise where he will be forever in the presence of our God and Father. Man in this state will be in perfect freedom because they have only one choice that is to love God and neighbours. They will already be free from any form of suffering for the Spirit is no longer subjected by earthly struggles. It will be an endless happiness for they are at the very well spring of happiness. On the other hand, hell is state of bottomless pit of regret for missing the most important opportunity in this world that is to love God and neighbours. Hell is the absence of God and love. It is a state of eternal damnation.

Our destiny is a choice. This is the challenge of Jesus in the last part of the gospel when He said, let those with ears listen. Aside from the fact that heaven is a gift for us from God because if God did not open the gates of paradise, no amount of good works will get us right there. The gift is offered to us equally to all of us in fact He wanted all human beings to be saved and He wished all to share in the banquet on the Son of God. However, God does not compel us to be there but He wanted us to personally choose to be there. We have to choose to walk in the path that leads to life. Of course, if we do not walk to the road that leads to life, we are walking to the other road that leads to death. The one who truly listen is the one who understand the word of God and put them into practice.

Let us therefore thank the Lord for the awesome gift that God has offered to us from our heavenly Father and ask for the grace that we may personally desire to walk into the path that leads to eternal life.

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