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Tuesday May 5, 2020

Bible Text: “My sheep hear my voice. I know them and they follow me. I give them eternal life and they will never perish”. John 10.22-30

The gospel that we have proclaimed is a continuation of Jesus discourse on the Good Shepherd. In this particular text, people seemed to be expecting Jesus to manifest more spectacular things before their naked eyes to back up that He is indeed the Messiah. They challenged Jesus, tell us plainly, show us proofs that you are the Messiah. Apparently Jesus corrected their notion that He has to perform numerous miracles to convince them by inviting them to shift from physical miracle to spiritual miracle. This is the very reason why Jesus challenged them by saying, “My sheep hear my voice and follow me”.

Listening is an essential attitude to being a disciple of Jesus. In fact, it is the fundamental requirement to follow Him. Listening involves thirsting for the word of God. I know most of you are already dying to attend the celebration of mass. I exhort you to sustain that thirst for the word of God. Continue watching the live streaming of mass because that’s how it is to quench our spiritual thirst for the word of God. Listening requires contemplation. We have to digest the word of God until it becomes part of our very being. The word of God must be the primary nutrient for our spiritual life as if we cannot live without it. We have to reflect on it until we say it is the food that sustains me. Listening bears the fruit of conversion. This is the very meaning why Jesus reminded them that “my sheep follow me”. Every bible reflection must lead us to ask ourselves, what do I need to change in my life or what else do I need to improve or do more? Conversion is about something that we need to change and something that we have to nourish or improve. If we have this act of faith namely, listening, contemplation and conversion, Jesus rest assures us we will receive life in eternity. This miracle is the same importance as the miracle of healing that we are praying for nowadays.

This quarantines days are not misfortunes to be isolated but opportunities to be in solitude with the Lord. May I encourage you to make use of this precious moment to become authentic sheep by fervently listening to the Good Shepherd.

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