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Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Bible Text: “Woman, here is your son... To the disciple, here is your mother”

John 19. 25-27

We are commemorating the memorial of the Blessed Mother Mary in her title Our Lady of Sorrows. The mother feels more than the heartbreak of her child. At the foot of the cross Mary shared in the suffering of her son Jesus. He feels all his wounds and pain. She grieved so much for her Son. On the cross Jesus gave us to his mother to be his children. She was given to us as our mother. In Dear Mother we find strength and meaning in our sufferings. Even though Mary suffered greatly, she kept faithful to God's will.

She is our Mother and our Intercessor too. She is always right there for us to ask our Lord Jesus Christ to give us what we need in life both material blessings and physical miracles. However, the greatest intercession she can give to us is for us to be like her Son Jesus Christ. Jesus greatest victory is not all doing about physical miracles but dying on the cross. We are children of our Blessed Mother if we follow in the footstep of Jesus to Calvary in his crucifixion. This is the very reason why we always do the sign of the cross in our prayers or in other works that we are doing. The cross is not just a sign that we imposed in our whole body but it is the way of life. We are Christians because of the cross. If we do not take up our cross, we do not become real Christians.

She is grieving for the crucifixion of Jesus Christ not because she does not want Jesus to be crucified. She wants to share in the suffering of Jesus. She became a perfect mother of Jesus because she suffered with Jesus. When Jesus was crucified, she experienced the piercing pain of the cross in her heart.

Mother Mary, ask your Son Jesus that we may share also in the suffering of Jesus. May we become true children of God by accepting our own crosses in life.

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