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Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Bible Text: “Mary went to the disciples, “I have seen the Lord and she told them the Lord had said these things to her”. (John 20.1, 11-18)

We are celebrating the feast of Saint Mary Magdalene. Mary’s first encounter with Jesus happened when she was exorcised from seven devils. She decided to follow Jesus after that miraculous healing that she received from Him and dedicated the rest of her life by providing logistics to the missions of the Apostles of the Lord. She worked silently for the Lord. Biblical writers described her “a woman of great fortune” because of the enormous assistance that she had extended to the ministry of Jesus. She was also called the Apostle to the apostles because of her courage especially during the most trying times of Jesus. Only one apostle of the Lord was present at the foot of the cross because of fear but this woman stood bravely with Jesus while He was crucified until He was buried. Even after the death of Jesus when everybody had apparently gone away but here she is early in the morning, she visited the tomb of Jesus to anoint Him once again with perfume. Notice her exceptional devotion and faithfulness to Jesus which paid her off by being the first one to discover that Jesus has risen indeed from the dead. Jesus died but Mary’s faith is very much alive. She was the very first one to make announcement to the apostles that the greatest of all the news.

She is a woman of great faith. I know that even in our times, there are more devoted women than men. It’s a fact wherever I am whether abroad or in my native country. She is reminding us to be aware of the blessings that we have received from the Lord. Once we decided to follow Jesus, we have to give everything to Jesus so that we can find Jesus. Faith is when we believe that there is life from death. Perseverance and courage are the appropriate words to prove that our faith is real for Jesus Christ. Just do it!

Let us ask for the intercession whose feast we are celebrating. Visit Him regularly and surely you will find life in Jesus. This is the greatest miracle that He can do for us.

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