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Sunday, July 26, 2020


Financial investments are very popular nowadays. We have retirement plans, savings plans and life insurance plans. The idea is to save while you are still young so that you will have a sufficiency of money when you retire, old and can no longer work. It is paying small amount for a time being and your money will grow through the years. Before engaging into investment scheme you have to know legitimacy and the tract record of the company. Second you have to follow a very practical principle “do not put all eggs in one basket” for in case of bankruptcy, you can still save some of your money. But the most enticing part from the financial advisers that we can hear is the promise that you pay less but you gain more.

We are now on the 17th Sunday in Ordinary Time and the readings that we have are inviting us to venture into another kind of investment. The gospel which is taken from the Book of Matthew tells us about the kingdom of heaven. It is being compared to the parables of treasure hidden in the field and fine pearls that after diligent search, in his great joy he sold all his possessions in exchange of the new found fortune. The fine pearls and treasure hidden in the field refers to our relationship with Jesus Christ. Relationship is our most important treasure in life. We can afford to lose everything at the expense of our intimate relationship with our loved ones. Even so those who truly found the joy in ones relationship with God are ready to lose everything because he firmly believed that it is the most important treasure that a man can ever possess.

When we focus on the heavenly investment, we will ask from the Lord the most important ability. When Solomon became a King, he was asked what he wished to receive from God and all he humbly asked is understanding mind to discern between the good and evil to govern the people. He did not ask fortune but contemplation so that his life might be focused on his goal. We have to be extremely preoccupied to listen and serve God and love our neighbours best. It is the way to gain the pearls of the kingdom of God.

Material possessions are great means to gains of our heavenly investment. Saint Paul testifies “all things work together for good for those who love God”. Those who love God, they are taken very well by God. Those who committed into heavenly investment perceive material possessions not as ends in themselves but means to enrich him more with the riches of heaven. Their lives are fixed not in this world but looking forward for the fulfilment of bounty heavenly fortunes.

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